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Public schools and students

Students in our public schools are going hungry while the state defunds their education. Our kids rely on the vital services their educators and schools provide, but yet one in four children in Arkansas go to bed without all three meals. We could fix this problem with one bill – other states are already passing this law. 

The LEARNS Act isn’t improving the lives of our students in Springdale, Johnson, or Fayetteville. Right now, it is cutting the budgets of our public schools and sending millions to unaccountable private schools that can discriminate against kids.  

The LEARNS Act revokes workplace protections for education, policed their classrooms, and failed to raise the pay of our veteran teachers. It even included a “Don’t Say Gay” provision that prohibits queer teachers from even discussing their spouses or families

Our regressive education policies passed our legislature because they thought they could get away with this grift. As our State Representative, I will protect our schools, support our educators, and fix what they have broken in our public education.