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I will fight for Arkansans looking to rent and buy a home

Arkansas has the worst renter’s rights laws in the country and home-ownership is increasingly out of reach. You can’t progress in life without safe and affordable housing. Our working families should be able to work, start businesses, or achieve their dreams.

I see it every day as I document the problems in the rental units in our communities and see firsthand the negative effect black mold has on our kids. I’ve seen firsthand how some slumlords refuse to fix sludge and sewage-water coming out of faucets. 

Our legislature has a responsibility to pass a law that guarantees rental properties aren’t infested with bugs or mold. Instead, legislators can’t even deliver basic standards.

As inflation wreaks havoc on our country, so many in Arkansas can’t achieve a milestone that their parents were able to reach. We need someone in Little Rock willing to actually go down there to fight for your interests, not the interests of a realty company.